Using Linux for data acquisition and control
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Linux is increasingly popular in the fields of data acquisition and web based DAQ systems.

Tranzview provide device driver and web server allows the engineer to gain complete control over the high performance and reliability of the data acquisition system without waiting for software. Within the area of embedded systems, Linux gains popularity over other poerating systems because there is low cost and no distribution or run-time license, a significant factor when implementing large volume designs. Strategic Test offers a number of products that are compatible with Linux. The objective of this page is support you resource for you easily create data acquisition systems project.

Acquire data using your web browser through your LAN
The Tranzview web server are provides you a complete web server based development solution. Just connect it to your network, or direct to an Ethernet card in your computer, and open your web browser. You get complete remote control and DVR function; provide by configure applications using simple "fill-in-the-blank" HTML forms with graphic Click able Images for nice human machine user interface (HMI) design by Virtual Reality Control technology.

The Tranzview web server provides upload, storage and manager of Java applet. This allows easy deployment of distributed Java applets language adapter-light application program across the developer with new project.

The features of Add-on card Support:

* 1, 4, 8 12, 16 channel video input card
* 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 channel digital isolator input/output and relay output card
* 12 Bit AD/DA card
* 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 channel RS232/422/485 serial communication card

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Tranzview Smatlab webdaq advanced features:

A. System Configuration
     1. User account setup
     2. Logic control setup
            a. Condition control
            b. Control device by schedule
            c. Serial port data input condition control
     3. Serial port setup
     4. Server network setup
     5. Join to Community
     6. Time Synchronization
     7. Save to server
B. Graphic Report
C. System Managers
     1. Upload JAVA Adapter-light application program
     2. Start and Stop run your application program
D. Training for development User Customizable Web Pages
E.Download Tranzview web server software package
    Step 1: Download package
    Step 2: Take down to
F. Install Tranzview Embedded Web Server