The 8 Channel SSR / logical output board provides 8 SSR output channels and 8 logical output channels. The SSR can be treated as a relay. Each SSR channel can be used to control ON/OFF of external devices, to drive external high power devices to activate alarms. Etc. There are 8 LED indicators correspond to 8 SSR channels, when SSR is energized, the corresponding LED is light. The output voltages of logical output channel are user selectable; user may select +5V, 12V, or the external voltage lower than 40V DC. There are 8 LED indicator corresponds to 8 logical output channels, when output voltage is low, then the corresponding LED is light..

Features :

Support 8-SSR output channels and 8 logical output channels.

Provides more than 12 types of SSR output module, which are tabled below.2

LED indicates when signal is energized.

Built in screw terminals for easy wiring.

Maximum voltage of logical output channel is 40V DC.

Maximum sink current of logical output channel is 100mA.

Screw terminal: accept #22 to #12 wire.

The package includes following item

8 Channel SSR/ Logical Output board.

One 26 pins flat cable

User's manual.

Device Driver
Self Test Software & Sample Code
Web Based DAQ