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The 16 Channel Relay Output board provides 16 Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) relays to drive 16 digital output lines. Each of relay channels can be used to control ON/OFF of external devices, to drive external high power relays, to activate alarms¡Ketc. There are 16 LED indicators correspond to 16 relays, when relay is energized, the corresponding LED is light. The +12V power source is user selectable from internal PC bus or external power supplier.

The features of 16 Channel Relay Output Board is:

#Support 16 SPDT relay channels.

#LED indicates when relay is energized.

#Internal and external power selectable.

#Built in screw terminals for easy wiring.

#The Normal Open (NO), Normal Close (NC), and Common contacts (COM) of each relay are brought out to the screw connector.

#Max contract rating: 150V/DC 2amp, 125V/AC 2 amp.

#Breakdown voltage: AC/DC 500V minimum/

#Relay on time: 3 ms typical.

#Relay off time: 2 ms typical.

#Total switching time: 10 ms typical.

#Isolation resistance: 100 M OHM minimal.

#Life expectancy: 5 million operations at full load.

#Screw terminal: accept #22 to #12 awg wire.

#Power consumption:

+12V: 40mA for each relay, total 0.55 amps For all relays are energized.

+5V: <0.2 amps

-12V: <0.1 amps

Hardware Installation:

Configuration For Jumper
Before you use the 16 Channel Relay Output Board, you must ensure that the power supplier, jumpers, and connectors are set correctly. Observe the figure in the following; the proper settings for the 16 Channel Relay Output Board is described in the follows.

Setting the threshold voltage of Photo Isolator, adjust VR, which is on the PCB to get the desired threshold voltage. The external input voltage, which is over the threshold voltage, will be recognized as HIGH (1) and the relative led will be light. Otherwise that will be LOW (0) and led be off.

Technical data - Isolated input Output and Relay Output
Isolated input: The digital signal input with isolated protection.

Relay :
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