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The 8 Channel SSR / logical output board provides 8 SSR output channels and 8 logical output channels. The SSR can be treated as a relay. Each SSR channel can be used to control ON/OFF of external devices, to drive external high power devices to activate alarms. Etc. There are 8 LED indicators correspond to 8 SSR channels, when SSR is energized, the corresponding LED is light.

The output voltages of logical output channel are user selectable; user may select +5V, 12V, or the external voltage lower than 40V DC. There are 8 LED indicator corresponds to 8 logical output channels, when output voltage is low, then the corresponding LED is light..

The features of 8 Channel SSR/Logical output board are:

#Support 8-SSR output channels and 8 logical output channels.

#The SSR operation characteristics are similar to relay.

#Provides more than 12 types of SSR output module, which are tabled below.

#LED indicates when signal is energized.

#Built in screw terminals for easy wiring.

#Maximum voltage of logical output channel is 40V DC.

#Maximum sink current of logical output channel is 100mA.

#Screw terminal: accept #22 to #12 ¡§awg¡¨ wire.

#The specifications of SSR are:

Hardware Installation:

Configuration For Jumper
Before you use the 8 Channel SSR/ Logical Output board, you must ensure that the jumpers and connectors are set correctly. Observe the figure in the following, the proper settings for the 8 Channel SSR / Logical Output boards are described in the follows.