Created a Low Cost Real-time Remote Monitoring and Control Systems
Built in Web Server and Customizing the user Interface

Tranzview is a web server much like the usually of web servers that provide
content for the World Wide Web. The normal set of web pages built into
webdaq provide access to the acquisition setups and user operation
interface, and are stored internally in the form of htm or html pages with
corresponding graphics and Java applet code.

Tranzview server support special user defined graphics customized web pages.
User can using standard web design tools like FrontPage... ... etc, easily
to design graphic and web pages for easily to operation and more
representative of your companies image, upload to Tranzview server.

Please see step by step to crate your Web Based Data Acquisition Project

How to use...

Step 1. Prepare Hardware:
Smatelab PCI 8 Channel Digital Isolator Input and Relay Output card  

Step 2. Install Tranzview Embedded Web Server

Step 3. Development new systems
A.Write program
B. Upload application program

C. Start and Stop run your application program


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