Smatlab 16 photo isolator input/ relay output card
The PCI 16 channels relay output / photo isolator input adapter is a 32 bits PCI bus board with Plug and Play (PnP) features, it is a programmable I/O interface card for PC/486, Pentium, or compatibles. The PnP features let hardware configuration for IRQ and I/O address is detected by BIOS automatically, you don't need set switch and jumper.
The PCI 16 channels relay output / photo isolator input adapter provides relay output functions. The relay output part provides 16 relays to drive 16 different output channels. Each relay channel can be used to control ON/ OFF of external devices, to drive external power relays, to activate alarms etc.
The photo isolator input part provides 16 photo couple digital input channels, which allow the input signals to be completely floated and prevent the ground loop.

Features :

32 bits PCI bus with Plug and Play (PnP) features.
Support 16 relay output channels and 16 photo couple input channels.
Max contact rating for relay: 70V/AC, 100V/DC 0.25AMP.
Response time for relay: 1 ms minimum.
Contact resistance for relay: 0.2 OHM maximum.
Support several operating modes that are programmable.
The package includes following item

SMARTLAB PCI bus 16 channels relay output / 16 channels photo couple input adapter.

User's manual.

Warranty form.

Device Driver
Self Test Software & Sample Code
Web Based DAQ